The EE 2000 series

Original version of the series. A slightly later version of EE2003–08 and 2050–52 differed in having all the text in black instead of green and red.
Generic unnumbered box for intermediate version of EE 2051, EE 2052, EE 2051/52, EE 2004, EE 2005 and EE 2006 – the kits were identified by stickers on the sides

Late version of of the series – generic boxes identified by stickers on the sides are used for EE 2051/52, EE 2004, 05 and 06 (small) and EE 2000 (large). EE 2007 and 08 were still part of the series, but I've never seen these with the new box design

This series replaced the EE 1000 series in 1974, and most kits are merely updates to the late versions of the corresponding kits in the old series. However, the kits were coordinated in such a way that smaller kits combined with their expansions became fully equivalent to the next larger kit, and could be further expanded accordingly.

The diagram shows the kits in the series; basic kits on grey background, expansions on white. In 1980, the EE 2000 kit was repackaged, and the new version called EE 2000 GK. In 1981, EE 2051 and EE 2052 were replaced by a single expansion kit named EE 2051/52. Note that EE 2007 requires only EE 2003 or equivalent¹, not EE 2000 as the diagram in the manuals indicates. See below for details on the EE 2200 kit. ¹) Not only EE 2000, EE 2050+51+52 and EE 2040+41+51+52 are equivalent to EE 2003 for the purpose of further expansion, but also EE 1003 with the EE 9050 conversion kit, EE 2002, EE 3003 and EE 3050+51.
EE 2006 EE 2000 EE 2200
EE 2005 EE 2008
EE 2004 EE 2007
EE 2052 EE 2003
EE 2003
EE 2051
EE 2041 EE 2050
EE 2040

The main difference from the EE 1000 series is the redesigned control panel and construction board, now in plastic. As EE 1040 was redesigned to use the new board just before it was released (its cover shows an EE 1050-style board), EE 2040 differs from this just in details in the packaging. The only entirely new kit is EE 2041 that expands EE 2040 to the equivalent of EE 2050, which is the kit that undergoes the greatest changes. Containing approximately the same components at their predecessors, EE 2050 with its expansions is fully equivalent to EE 2003, and can be further extended accordingly. Of these, only EE 2051 can be used with EE 2050 alone, as EE 2052 is made dependent on this. A corresponding change is made in the relation between EE 2004 and EE 2005. Together with EE 2006 and EE 2000 these kits make up the main series consisting of seven levels of increasing capability and complexity.

Branching off from this progression at the level of EE 2003 are EE 2007 and EE 2008, which are so similar to their predecessors that the older kits were initially used as substitutes. Entirely independent from all the other kits, but intended to be used in combination with EE 2003/07/08 was the planned but unfortunately never released EE 2200, consisting of a battery operated TV camera in a casing similar to the CRT unit of EE 2007.


List of components in all kits in the series



Some of the changes the series went through throughout its lifetime

EE 2040 EE 2003 2041
2050 2051 2052
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EE 2000
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EE 2003++
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EE 2004
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EE 2005
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