Schuco 6600 or ABC chemistry experiment kits

6601: A - Basis Lab
6602: B - Expert Lab
6603: C - Profi Lab
6653: Aufbau Lab A-C
6621: Umwelt Lab - Ökologie
A - Studio Lab (Quelle)

This series replaced the old Philips CE 1400 series of kits in the mid eighties. It consisted of three basic kits, 6601: A - Basis Lab, 6602: B - Expert Lab and 6603: C - Profi Lab; one expansion 6653: Aufbau Lab A-C which combined with the A or B kit was equivalent to the C kit; and finally a thematic standalone kit 6621: Umwelt Lab - Ökologie.

All basic kits covered both inorganic and organic chemistry, the C kit also covered nutriments and plastics.

6653 A-C
Aufbau Lab
  6603 C  
Profi Lab
    6602 B  
Expert Lab
  6601 A  
Basis Lab

The diagram shows the non-thematic kits in the series; basic kits on darker grey background, the single expansion on lighter grey.

Some of the contemporary physics kits could just as well have been sorted as chemistry kits.

A Quelle version of the A kit is called 6631: A - Studio Lab, and includes a minor addition; just as with the contemporary electronics kits. Here too early Quelle versions did not have their own title, but used the original boxes with a sticker. Even when the name changed, the original name was used on the leaflet describing the additional experiments. I have never seen Quelle variants of the other kits in the series.

A/B C Umwelt Lab
Studio Lab addition

Tor Gjerde <>