EE 1050 construction diagrams

The EE 1050 kit contained twenty-four diagrams, twelve for constructions that could be built with this kit alone and twelve that needed EE 1051, EE 1052 or both. These are printed on two sheets with twelve diagrams each. An identifying number where the last digit is the version number is found on each sheet, on diagrams 4 and 16.

Confusingly, the version number was not increased at the first revision, so two different sets with the same code exist, here denoted 1a and 1b. Apart from the identifying code being set in a different typeface, I haven’t found any differences in the first sheet (constructions 1–12), though there might possibly have been some in one or both of the two missing from my 1b set. In the second sheet, there are some minor changes to spring and wire placements, as well as the shape of the icon for external terminals. One construction also has different values of two components.

I only have a few version 2 scans, all from the first sheet. These differ from version 1 in the same way as the second sheet of version 1b does from 1a. The constructions from EE 1050 are included in Mettoy Science Adventure U 1240 and in a slightly reworked form in EE 1010.

Version 1a Version 1b Version 2
17 Note the correction of capacitor and resistor values from 0.22 µF and 4700 Ω to 0.1 µF and 10 000 Ω from version 1a to 1b (neither EE 1050 nor EE 1051 contains a 0.22 µF capacitor, so the original version actually requires EE 1052 as well)

Tor Gjerde <>