EE 1010 versus EE 1050

While the combination of EE 1050, 51 and 52 was more or less equivalent to EE 1003, the differences were large enough that they could not be used as the basis for further expansion with EE 1004 and 05. To rectify this situation, EE 1010 and its expansion EE 1011 were intended to replace the former compact subseries. However, it was the replacements and not their predecessors that were discontinued after a fairly short time. A seamless transition from the smallest to the largest kits was not realised until the EE 2000 series replaced the EE 1000 series.

Due to their similar components and position in the series, the constructions in EE 1050 and EE 1010 were very similar to each other, with the EE 1010 diagrams only making use of the larger construction board and having a loudspeaker instead of an earphone. Of the twelve EE 1050 constructions, ten have equivalents in EE 1010. To make up for the remaining two, the latter kit included one entirely new construction as well as the equivalent of one requiring EE 1051 in addition to EE 1050.

EE 1050 EE 1010

Tor Gjerde <>