The Pionier series

1963–1967RE 1/RE 2EE 10, EE 20
1967–1970RE 1108EE 1000 (early)
1970–1973EE 1000 (late)
1974–1983EE 2000

The Pionier series of radio kits predate all related electronic kits from Philips. They were made in the late fifties, and probably into the early sixties, as the EE 10 series from 1963 reused several components. The larger senior series are based on vacuum tubes, and the assembly requires soldering. The smaller junior series on the other hand is based on early germanium transistors (OC 13 and OC 14, apparently OC 71 and OC 72s that failed quality control!) and components are mounted with a nut and bolt system. This seems to be the ultimate ancestor of the EE kits, as well as the later radio kits, which were also influenced by the development in the EE kits.

I have only seen this series in Dutch

Junior kits

Pionier Junior, original version
Pionier Junior I, old version Pionier Junior II, old version
Pionier Junior I Pionier Junior II Pionier Junior III

The Pionier junior series developed in three stages:

  1. At first it consisted only of a single two-transistor and crystal earphone kit simply called Philips Pionier Junior transistor-radio

  2. This was renamed Pionier II when a smaller diode receiver kit and an intermediate expansion was added

  3. Later, these two kits were slightly revised, and another expansion was added, containing a third transistor, a loudspeaker and a larger cabinet to house it

There never was a single kit with the largest construction; one had to buy Pionier II and the II A expansion with the Pionier III manual, the loudspeaker and a third transistor.

Pionier – Early version of Pionier II
Pionier I – Diode receiver without amplification
Pionier IA – Expansion from Pionier I to Pionier II
Pionier II – Two-transistor receiver
Pionier IIA – Expansion from Pionier II to a three-transistor radio with loudspeaker

Senior kits

Pionier Senior S 101 / S 102 / S 20 V Pionier Senior S 103 / S 113 / S 20 V
Pionier Senior S 201 Pionier Senior S 202

Pionier S 101 – Single stage receiver
Pionier S 101 A – Expansion from S 101 to S 102 (two stage receiver)
Pionier S 102 A – Expansion from S 102 to S 103 (super receiver)
Pionier S 113Super receiver
Pionier S 20 V – Power supply for any of the receivers
Pionier S 201 – ½ W amplifier for any of the receivers
Pionier S 202 – 2 W amplifier for any of the receivers

There were no S 102 or S 103 kits, one had to buy S 101 and the expansion(s) for these constructions. S 113 is a slightly improved version of S 103 suggested if the radio is not built stage by stage.

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