The EE 10 series

EE 10

Produced in 1963, this is the first incarnation of the EE kit series, and all later kits ultimately descend from it. The fundamental concepts which were to last throughout four decades and five major revisions of the series were already present in these kits.

  EE 10  
   EE 5   

The diagram shows the kits in the series – in difference to the later series, there was no expansion kit to bridge the gap between the smaller and the larger kit. Both kits used the same box, the version was indicated by a sticker in the corner. The styrofoam insert is two-faced, with compartments for all the components of EE 10 on one side and for EE 5 on the other.

The (undated) EE 5 only manual cannot be seen as an indication that this kit is older than its larger sibling, as the front cover illustration clearly shows an EE 10 with two loudspeakers, an OC 72 with a cooling rib and the landscape format manual.

The components and constructions are very similar to those in the EE 20 series. Some differences distinguishing EE 10 from EE 20 are:


EE 5/10 EE 5 Languages
The full EE 5/EE 10 manual existed in Dutch, German and French. The relation between this and the German manual covering only EE 5 is somewhat unclear.

From an advertising brochure (in German)

  • Front page

  • Description

  • List of constructions
    (the constructions listed do not correspond exactly to the construction diagrams included, as some of the constructions are only minor variants of others, using the same diagram)

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