The EE 20 series

EE 8, EE 8/20 (two variants) and EE 20 – International version, covering Dutch, French, English (non UK and US), Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and some other language editions
EE 8, EE 8/20 and EE 20 – German
EE 8, A 20 and EE 20 – English (UK)
EE 8, EE 8/20 and EE 20 – English (US Norelco version)
EE 20, Spanish
 EE 8/20 
   EE 20   
EE 8

The diagram shows the kits in the series; basic kits on grey background, expansions on white. In the UK, EE 8/20 kit was named A 20 (probably to avoid confusion with the then common notation of prices in shillings and pence, even though this would never show more than 11p).

The kits were also marketed in the US under the brand name "Norelco" instead of "Philips".

German "Anleitungsbuch" Norwegian "Instruksjonsbok"
German "Anleitungsbuch" American "Instructionbook" with Philips logo from a Norelco kit American "Instructionbook" with Norelco logo from a Norelco kit

More information can be found on Hans Otten's site.

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