Components of the EE 20 series kits

PartEE 8EE 8/20EE 20
1Resistor (¼ W)10 Ω11
47 Ω11
120 Ω22
150 Ω11
180 Ω11
220 Ω11
270 Ω22
560 Ω11
680 Ω11
1500 Ω11
2200 Ω11
3300 Ω11
4700 Ω11
15000 Ω11
27000 Ω112
100000 Ω11
330000 Ω11
680000 Ω11
2Potentiometer10 kΩ (log)11
with switch; incl. washer and nut   
3Light dependent resistor (LDR)11
4Polyester capacitor47000 pF11
100000 pF33
5Electrolytic capacitor3.2 µF11
10 µF11
100 µF22
6Tuning capacitor11
7Choke coil11
8Aerial coil with ferroxcube rod11
9DiodeOA 7911
10TransistorAF 11611
11TransistorAC 126112
13LoudspeakerAD 3316CZ22
14Lamp6 V, 50 mA11
15Lamp holder11
16Lampshade (green)11
17Morse key strip178
18Sliding switch11
19Heat sink112
21Foot for baseboard44
22Large coil spring3030
23Hairpin spring3030
24Small coil spring1515
25Rubber band22
26Bare wire5 m112
27Insulated wire5 m112
28Large rubber grommet33
29Small rubber grommet101525
30String20 cm11
31Bolt (3 mm)11
32Nut (3 mm)11
33Split pin101525
34Wiring card81321
35Scale strip11
36Tuning knob22
37Morse knob11

There is some variation in the exact numbers between different versions of the kits. For some minor components, the difference lies only in whether or not they are given separate entries in the parts list, while for others there is a difference in the actual contents of the kits. The most important variations are:

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