The Schuco Modul series

This series was as the only one covered on this site not developed by Philips, but by Schuco (released late 1989). At that point, Schuco has produced the ABC series under a license from Philips for half a decade, and continued to develop it. Though its ancestry is clear, this series departs more radically from its precursors than any other change to the series in the previous three decades by abandoning the spring mounting system and single component approach. The series didn't last long, and was outlived by its predecessor.

6172 Modul Electronic B
6283 Modul Electronic B → C
6173 Modul Electronic UKW
6173 Modul Electronic C
6173 Modul Electronic D Digital
6173 Modul Electronic D 7-segment
Zusatzstufe für B, C, D
Anleitung in der Grundbox
Modul D 7-Segment
Zusatzstufe für D
Anleitung im Aufbauset D
Modul D Digital
Aufbauset C → D
Modul C
Aufbauset B → C
Modul Electronic C
Modul Electronic B

The diagram shows the series at its largest (the two D kits weren't present from the start); basic kits on grey background, expansions on white.

Modul A + B + UKW Modul C + UKW Modul D + UKW

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