Xfig templates for the EE 2000 series constructions

The humble beginnings of this site was my attempt at recreating the EE 2000 series construction diagrams in the ‘xfig’ vector drawing program in 1993. For anybody who is interested in making their own diagrams in the same style, the source files and templates I used are avaiable here. Xfig itself runs under any Unix-style operating system with the X window system (including Linux and BSD distributions, macOS needs XQuartz); for Windows there is a reimplemantation called WinFIG.

When placing components, snap to a 5 mm grid for easy alignment. Uninsulated wire can be placed in the same way, but for insulated wire using a 1 mm grid will be necessary. I prefer drawing the thick part of these as “approximated splines”.

Tor Gjerde <i@old.no>