EE 1040 construction diagrams

EE 1040 was designed as an even smaller version of EE 1050, using the same construction board but without a front panel. The only evidence of this is the image used on the box and the manual cover, as the kit ended up being produced with the construction board and construction diagrams in the EE 2000 series style. The diagrams were printed in the back of the instruction manual (in addition to the reduced size copies in the main text), and have to be cut out in order to be used. In difference to the diagrams from most other kits in the series they do not have pre-cut holes either, but as the paper they are printed on is thinner, holes can easily be punched with a pencil.

German manual, 1973

My attempt at recreating an EE 1000 series style diagram for this construction based on the image on the box and manual cover

Tor Gjerde <>