EE 1006 construction diagrams

EE 1006 contains only two construction diagrams, both used for the Computer-Spiel constructions. These are marked 1 and 2 and are used together, one on either side of the construction board. Eleven constructions are only given as schematics; for the remaining fifty-two, the construction diagrams are only given in reduced size and without color in the instruction manual. Of these, forty are reproduced below, while twelve are copies of the constructions from EE 1010 and shown on that page. As those are identified by the numbers 1 to 12, care must be taken to distinguish the first two from the Computer-Spiel diagrams when referring to them.

German manual, 1972 Dutch manual, 1972
D13 and D14 are thoroughly messed up in the Dutch version of the manual. The existence of a German correction sheet addressing the same errors suggests that there has existed an earlier German manual where the situation was similar to the Dutch. These two constructions differ only in that D14 adds a lamp, a transistor to drive it and a coupling resistor. Despite the similarity, the diagrams are drawn independently of each other in both versions. Relative to the (corrected) German version, the Dutch manual reverses their order, includes the components belonging only to D14 in dashed lines in both diagrams, and rotates the one marked D13 180°. More importantly, it contains two grave errors in both diagrams, connecting the collector of the rightmost PNP transistor to plus rather than minus and its emitter to minus rather that to the loudspeaker – which ends up disconnected.
D16 The Dutch version adds a spurious circle; the stroke through it might be part of the same error, or possibly an attempt to correct it by crossing it out in the copy the scan is taken from.
D30 The Dutch manual lacks the suggested capacitor values and the resulting frequencies

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