EE 1005 construction diagrams

I have scans of two different versions of the diagrams for this kit. Most differences are minor. The most visible consist of moving mounting springs to avoid the risk of components having too short connection leads to reach them. Some insulated wires are drawn further away from springs they do not connect to to avoid ambiguity if they get interrupted by the punched holes if these are slightly offset from the center of the springs. The addition of icons to front panel terminal connections are purely cosmetic.

In C4 and C5, however, there is a real change to the circuit. There a 10 Ω resistor is added in series with the 10.000 pF capacitor connecting the leftmost transistor to the white oscillator coil. The corresponding change is made to the schematics in the instruction manual between 1968 and the 1969 versions.

Presumably during the same change, three errors crept in; affecting C6, E13 and F2. Some EE 1005 and EE 1000 kits included a correction sheet rectifying these errors. In the version 3 set shown below, the C6 diagram is corrected and has corr. written beside the identifying label; while the other two diagrams retain their errors. It is not clear whether the errors were introduced in version 2, and that version 3 differs from this solely in the correction of C6 (and possibly the introduction of the 10 Ω resistor in C4 and C5) or if they were introduced in version 3, and that this version existed in both an uncorrected and corrected state.

Version 1 or possibly 2 (from a kit with the 1968 version of the manual). Version 3
C4 Note the introduction of a 10 Ω resistor in version 3
C5 Note the introduction of a 10 Ω resistor in version 3
C6 The correction sheet shows that there existed one version that connected an insulated wire to terminal 4 of the white oscillator coil instead of terminal 3.
E13 In version 3, one of the two 47 000 Ω resistors is mislabeled 470 000 Ω.
F2 In version 3, an insulated wire has one end misplaced.

Tor Gjerde <>