Links to related sites

Norbert Schneider's "Philips/Schuco Experimentiersystem" site
An excellent site in German covering the entire history of the series, with complete illustrated component listings for almost every kit. Norbert is also the single contributor that has helped me the most with providing material and piecing together hard to find and often contradictory information about the kits and their history.
Hans Otten's Philips Electronic Engineer site
A site mainly in English with a wealth of material covering the entire history of the series, including a large number of original photos. Special attention must be given to the earlier generations of kits, such as Pionier radios, the EE 10 and 20 series, RE 1/2 Radio Engineer and IE 2000 Interphone. This is also the source of many scanned manuals.
Thomas Rigert's Baukasten forum
Thomas Rigert's Baukasten wiki
German-language web forum and wiki for Philips, Schuco and similar kits.
Steef Koenen's "Philips bouwdozen" site
As one of the original designers of the series, Steef is in an unique position to bring us a wealth of information about the kits. He has started an ambitious site in Dutch, planning to make available PDFs of very much material.
Jurjen Kranenborg's Philips EE site
Jurjen describes improvements and enhancements to several EE 2000 and EE 2001 constructions.
Jacques de Wit's "Philips experimenteerdozen"
Sjaak has made a site in Dutch with much information about the EE 2000, EE 2001 and ABC series.
Thomas F. Drescher's Philips parts page
Thomas has some good pictures of the original components used in most of the EE series kits.
Leo Snoeren's Philips experimenteerdozen site
This Dutch site has good pictures of many kits, including some very rare ones.
Michael Schülke's pages about the Philips Microcomputer Masterlab kit from 1984, with datasheet and instruction set for the microprocessor and documentation of the bus layout.
Computer Lehrbaukasten (CL 1600 series)
A German page by Dr. Martin Elfers about the CL 1601 kit, currently hosted on

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