Philips CE 1400 series chemistry experiment kits

CE 1401, old
CE 1402, old
CE 1403
CE 1404, old
Original version of the series
CE 1401, new
CE 1402, new
CE 1404, new
Later variants of the original four kits
CE 1400
CE 1450
CE 1440
CE 1460
Kits added to the series later
262800 6
Two versions of the Quelle variant of CE 1402

The CE 1400 series series started in 1970 with CE 1401 (inorganic chemistry); by 1972 CE 1402 (organic chemistry) and CE 1403 (polymer chemistry) had been added and CE 1404 (environment protection) was in preparation – the last one clearly ahead of its time, as many of the Philips kits.

By 1977 the starter kit CE 1440 and the huge CE 1400 (CE 1401, 02, 03 and 04 combined) had been added, as well as CE 1460 – an independent kit on mineralogy. In 1979 CE 1450 (a subset of CE 1401) was added, while CE 1403 had disappeared; in 1980 or 81 CE 1404 was also discontinued. From 1980, the contents of the latter two kits were at least partially incorporated into revised versions of CE 1402 and CE 1401 respectively.

  CE 1403 CE 1400
CE 1402
CE 1402
  CE 1404
CE 1401
CE 1401
CE 1450
The diagram shows the related kits in the series; CE 1440 and CE 1460 were independent from these. None of the kits are pure expansions requiring other basic kits, though CE 1403 and 04 seems to have been thought of as supplementary to CE 1402 and 01 respectively.

The only Quelle variant of these kits is called 26280, later 262800 6, and probably corresponds to CE 1402.

In the mid eighties, when Schuco took over the development of the kits, a new series gradually replaced the old one.

More information about these kits can be found in the chemistry section of the Doppelplusspiel site.

Instruction books

Four revisions of the CE 1401 manual; the last one also covering CE 1450:
CE 1401, first version CE 1401, second version CE 1401, third version CE 1401/1450 (fourth version of CE 1401)

Four revisions of the CE 1402 manual:
CE 1402, first version CE 1402, second version CE 1402, third version CE 1402, fourth version

CE 1403, two revisions of CE 1404 and the leaflet included in CE 1400 in addition to the four main manuals:
CE 1403, first (and only?) version CE 1404, first version CE 1404, second version CE 1400, additional leaflet

Two revisions of each of CE 1440 and CE 1460:
CE 1440, first version CE 1440, second version CE 1460, first version CE 1460, second version

Dutch versions of the CE 1401 and 1402 manuals:
CE 1401, Dutch version CE 1401, Dutch version

The Quelle 26280 manual:

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