The EE 3000 series

There is not a single well-defined EE 3000 series, but rather four subseries. As two of them form a revised version of the EE 2000 series, these are the main focus here, while the others are briefly mentioned further down.

EE 3050
EE 3051
EE 3003
EE 3004
EE 3020
EE 3023
The kits in the series; from the top EE 3050, EE 3051, EE 3003 (in a double carton as the GK kits in the EE 2000 series), EE 3004, EE 3020 and EE 3023. It is not clear why EE 3020 used an older box type than the other kits, particularly EE 3051. See below for EE 3060.
 EE 3004 
 EE 3000 
 EE 3051 
 EE 3003 
 EE 3050 
 EE 3020 
 EE 3023 

 EE 3003 


The diagrams shows the kits in the two primary subseries; basic kits on grey background, expansions on white. The EE 3000 kit never reached production. For the purpose of further expansion, the following kits or combinations are equivalent to EE 3003: EE 3050+51, EE 2000, EE 2002, EE 2003 or EE 1003+EE 9050, as well as the combination of either EE 2050 or EE 2040+41 with either EE 2051+52 or the single EE 2051/52 expansion. The EE 3020 expansion can even be used with the EE 2013 or EE 2001 basic kits, despite these not fully covering all of EE 3003.

The main series is almost identical to the corresponding kits in the EE 2000 series, which continued to be produced in parallel with the new kits. Early kits even used the EE 2000 series manuals; later a revised manual for EE 3003, EE 3050 and EE 3051 (also covering EE 2003, 50, 51/52 and 41) appeared, but apart from a minute addition and the incorporation of small notices on how to connect the 15 Ohm loudspeaker to each construction requiring it, it was the same book – textual references still applied to the old kits, and neither component counts nor requirements for the different constructions correctly reflected the difference between EE 3050 and EE 2050. I have never seen a revised manual for EE 3004, and doubt that one was ever made.

EE 3023 equals EE 3003 (or any equivalent from the EE 2000 or main EE 3000 series) expanded by the EE 3020 kit, which can be seen as a less expensive substitute for EE 2007: this kit contains a TV modulator, making it possible to create simple patterns on an ordinary TV screen – even a simple Pong-like game. This is elegantly exploited to construct an oscilloscope without needing to pack a tube in the kit. The manual for these two kits incorporates material from the EE 3003 manual, with additions based on EE 2007 (really EE 1007). It doesn't suffer quite as much as the main series manual from this patchwork approach, but it is clear that less effort is placed in the production of the instruction books than before.

The series appeared in 1981 with only the kits EE 3050, EE 3003, EE 3020 and EE 3023. They are not included in the main catalog for that year, but described in a small additional leaflet, and the 1981 revision of the EE 2003 manual shows EE 3050 and EE 3003 as variants of EE 2050 and EE 2003. The 1982 catalog includes EE 3050 and EE 3003 and the expansions EE 3051 and EE 3004, but neither EE 3020 nor EE 3023. It also contains a table similar to the first one at the top of this page where a planned EE 3000 is shown, but does not otherwise mention such a kit. This kit seems never to have reached production; probably because it would have been identical to the late EE 2000 kit, and the EE 2000 series continued to be sold in parallel with its successor series EE 3000. The 1983 catalog includes the four kits of the main series plus EE 3023, but not EE 3020. EE 3023 must then also have been available in 1982 despite not being mentioned in the catalog, but it is not obvious whether or not EE 3020 was available that year. The number of kits sold on eBay relative to the number of EE 3023 kits seems to indicate that it most probably was available for at least part of that year.

EE 3003/50/51 EE 3023/20

EE 3060, with the title Elektronik Experimente von A-Z (Electronic experiments from A to Z), is the only kit in the EE 3060 series. This kit differs from all others in focusing more on theory and quantitive measurement and less on constructions and qualitative behaviour. It also has a different packaging, in a bookcase cover with the same design as the instruction book.

Three adventure kits, not all even with electronic components, with the same packaging (and also the same Mach mit-logo, but hardly any other similarity) were made:


EE 3071 Alarm!!! Im Kratermoor von Lakor (Alarm! In the Lakor crater marsh); how to build alarm systems, with a science fiction story as introduction

EE 3072 Das Geheimnis des weißen Pulvers (The secret of the white powder); a chemistry kit, wth an adventure story as introduction

EE 3073 Markus mit den drei Augen (Three-eyed Marcus); a kit on photography, with a detective story as introduction

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